My Story

Image shows 6 separate square images of Aislings life. The first of aisling bent overa machine working, the second smiling covered in snow, the third scuba diving, 4th a budist temple in Nepal, aIsling sitting crossed legged on the edge of a mountain, 5th a camel, and 6th a silluette of a ski lift over a mountainI consider myself above all else a Maker, the act of making is what I love. The challenge of creating something from scratch, bringing a design from my imagination or the imagination of another to paper and then into the real world. Challenging myself to make tiny pieces of art perfectly with my hands, from start to finish, each one unique. When I'm making or at my bench it's almost like I'm transported somewhere else. I become completely engrossed in my work and everything else is forgotten. As a maker my focus is always on ensuring quality, I challenge myself each time to use the skills I have amassed over my more than 7 years of training to make each piece unique and special. I put my heart and soul into each of my creations.

I've been making and creating for as long as I can remember. Since I was a very young child I've spent most of my time creating. From sitting in church as a child focused on colouring to making larger than life monkey heads out of clay. 

My jewellery journey began in 2013 when I spent hours every week compiling my portfolio to enter the National College of Art and Design to study fine art, sculpture. It was like a full time job on top of school. I have always been more 3D focused. I can more easily and quickly sculpt something out of clay than draw it on a piece of paper. Almost until the last minute I was completely sure it was sculpture I wanted to study. Until one night at a party I accidently entered the wrong bathroom and got talking to a mystery Jewellery and Metalwork student. Eric, to this day I have never spoken to him again, but he changed the course of my life. He asked me what I wanted to study and why? I explained my obsessive attention to detail, my perfectionism and love of creating using my hands. He was a man of few words but he said if I wanted to make things well, to a high degree of accuracy, and start a lifelong journey of learning, then Jewellery and Metalwork would be a better fit. The rest is history, I changed my speciality and never looked back, the lifelong challenge to learn and make the best product I can began.


This challenge brought me to Idar Oberstein in 2015 where I spent the guts of 10 months on Erasmus learning a new craft. Cutting, grinding and polishing semi precious gemstones in contemporary forms. A skill that has truly tested my patience and determination, good training for the patience needed to create Urushi pieces. My work has almost always been process driven, finding and using techniques and ways of making not commonly used. For my NCAD degree collection I manipulated metal in a very raw way, folding, forging and hammering. My current work is likewise process driven. It combines traditional silversmith techniques, ancient Japanese Urushi Lacquering techniques and mixed media to create experimental, unique and innovative pieces, handcrafted to perfection. I use this ancient technique, over 9000 years old, in a modern way while maintaining and respecting its incredible history and deep rooted traditional links. 

Having studied Jewellery in Ireland, Germany and Spain, I graduated from Escola Massana just before Spain was plunged into full coronavirus lockdown. I created an octopus' garden as part of my graduation collection and it was probably the most terrifying day of my life so far. I stood up in front of an auditorium full of people and invited them into my octopus' garden exploring my fascination and love for the creature.

I did all of this through Spanish, a language I had only been speaking a short time at a much lower level. I see that day as a really incredible moment in my life. It was the culmination of 4 years of decisions, huge changes and emmigrations. Watching everyone interact with my octopus pods, opening and discovering the next layer, the hidden thing within, it reminded me why we artists do what we do. To share our passions, our stories and opinions with the world. We lay our hearts and souls on a table and hope they are well received. 

It was a defining moment and the culmination of years of personal and professional growth. This was the birth of Aisling McGloughlin Studios, in 2020 during a global pandemic I began to set up my business... and the rest is still happening.

I'm a one woman studio committed to making bespoke, unique pieces.